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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You're A Dumb Criminal If...

.......You're not picky about your office location
Christopher Oxley of Everett , Washington , was arrested for conducting a drug
deal over the phone - in the bathroom of the Everett Police Department

.......You make everyday Take Your Child to Work Day
Callie Rough of Middletown , Ohio , was picked up shoplifting from a
Dollar General store with her two young children in tow. Among the booty was a book ,
101 Ways to Be a Great Mom.

..........You neglect to look up local hotels on your GPS
Mithcell Deslatte walked into a Baton Rouge , Louisiana , hotel and asked
the clerk for a room. Only the clerk wasn;t a clerk - he was a state trooper.
And the hotel was actually a state trooper station. That's when Deslatte was
arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

........You can;t let go of your friends,
Two New Zealand prisoners had the brilliant idea of fleeing the court house
while tethered together by handcuffs. The might have escaped had a lightpole
not gotten between them. Like a pair of click-clacks , they slammed into each other and
were arrested trying to get back on their feet.

.......Your harbour grudges.
Joseph Goetz's alleged attempt to rob a York ,Pennyslvania , bank met with some
snags. Cops says the first teller he tried to rob fainted and the next two insisted
the had no cash in their drawers. Fed up , Goetz stormed out , threatening to
write an angry letter to the bank.

Credit to : Reader's Digest ( September 2010 )

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